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ELZACO spol. s r. o.
B. Němcové 727/10
787 01 Šumperk
Tel.: +420 583 213 394
Fax: +420 583 217 393


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Welcome on web pages Elzaco Company Inc.

Our company was established at the beginning of 1991 and its centre has been gradually built in Šumperk, B. Němcové 727/10, where a projection, workshops and offices can be found. Our company uses many years of experience in the field of projection, electric installation, switchboards production and technological processes control. Our experience with technologies of renewable resources, such as hydroelectric power plants, wind power plants, as well as woodworking industry, power engineering and single-purpose machines construction is also valuable.

 Our company is engaged in the future financial system of innovations in the Small and Medium Enterprises and Energy innovation (renewable energies, energy savings & energy efficiency, distributed generation, new fuels, super-conductivity,…) . We cooperate with some organizations e. g. with the Intelligent Energy - Europe, we are taking the part of the Energy Projects.

Our company is dealing with the financing of innovative projects interested to participate and build the structure in the Czech republic.

In the area of electric installation works our company is engaged in the low voltage distribution in the industries and civic building. Relationship to measuring, regulation and technological processes control systems enables a complex supplies including a documentation, complex testing and services staff training.

Customers´ maximum satisfaction with our products and services is a top-priority goal we want to achieve. Our company insists on these most important factors - the flexibility in response to our customers, the innovation ability to meet our customers´ requirements, meeting arranged deadlines, the price and the quality of our products and provided services.

We aspire to work on the market as a reputable, transparent and trustworthy company.

The company ELZACO Ltd. belongs to the system integrators of SCHNEIDER Electric and is a business partner of SIEMENS, Schmachtl (Operating system Unitronic) and Festo .
In November 2005 we captured state budget grant and ES grant for the project of Development expertise Elzaco ltd. workers within Operating schedule Development human resources - GS PROFESE.

In October 2006 we captured state budget grant and ES grant for the project of Build school center in the field applied electronics, industrial automation, measurement and regulation within Operating schedule School centers.