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Single-purpose machines


Integral part of our activities is the producing of the single-purpose machines. In this area we are working successfully for many years.
We realized many series of very interesting applications with demanding solution.
In this area we cooperate closely with many prestigious companies as BERGER LAHR POSITEC, REXROTH AG, BOSCH, FESTO, Ltd, JESVA Ltd.

The sample of our activity can be the semiautomatic welding machine for the company KLEIN&BLAŽEK s. r. o.

Other sample can be the unique semiautomatic welding equipment for the resistor unit process. We supplied this equipment to MEP Postřelmov. A professional team from many technical branches cooperated on this application. The result of this cooperation is the semiautomatic machine for resistor-units process for electrical locomotives.
With regard to life warranty on these resistor units and broad range of producing resistor units we can talk about the unique equipment.

Last but not least we participate in the engine plants modernization with special accent to security. We have a lot of experience in this area and we are able to realize also the most exacting application for example in the area of pressing, grinding etc. Of course we cooperate with companies for example Schneider Electric, Honeywell etc. and make use of their possibilities and capacities.

One of the other branches we are engaged is the clearing of electrical equipment by method - CT. It means the technologic process - electrical equipment is clearing by high-pressure and special non-conducting liquids. This method is more effective and faster than a classic clearing.
In regard of the used liquid's constitution it is possible to clear the equipment into 1000V without switching off.
This method has wide exercise - it can be used also like redevelopment works e. g. after fire or floatation of water, etc.