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Hydro micro power source

Hydro micro power source consists of Hydro Turbine, Generator and Resistance unit for take off the redundant energy and Switchboard with useful stuff. Electric parts are designed with minimum of purchase costs, and with guarantee of parameter supplied energy.

Modes of Power source:

1. Calibration mode

PLC makes controlling of Hydro micro power source. For fastest and control accuracy of voltage and frequency is necessary calibrated the Hydro micro power source for the new locality. The calibration is automatic action. During the calibration PLC takes a real power of the power source and demand on excitation.
During the calibration is Hydro micro power source permanently disconnected from insular grid.The end of the calibration is signalized on control display. After the calibration, the operator can switch oh the power source to the insular grid. .

2. Insular mode

In this mode is the micro power source working as independent power source, without distribution supply grids. After bringing water to the turbine is Asynchronous generator automatically excited. After the stabilizing of voltage and frequency is possibly connected load by degrees up to the nominate power of the Generator.
The consumption can be resistance or inductive (nominate power of all motors together can be up to 50% of nominate power of Micro power source).

Note: Is possibly to connect bigger power of motor consumptions, but must be compensated inductive power of the motors.

Generator is working with maximum power and unless power is absorbed on resistant units. Among Micro power source and appliances can be long distance. Is possibly, set up highest value of generator voltage (up to 10%), for coverage of voltage decrement on cables.
Hydro micro power source has parameters of insular mode:
Voltage: nominate ± 10%
Frequency: nominate ± 10%
For this tolerance must be guaranteed:
- switch on (switch off) active power up to 30% of nominate power the Micro power sources
- switch on (switch off) motor power to 7% of nominate power the Micro power sources
Is possibly to connected bigger consumption, but during the connection becomes voltage and frequency oscillation. Maximum power of connecting motor must be under 25% of nominate power the Micro power sources.
After stabilization effective and inductive power consumption, the Control system makes a fine debug of insular grid:
Voltage: nominate ± 5%
Frequency: nominate ± 4%

3. Parallel work with distribution grid

The Micro power source is working as additional source in this mode. The Micro power source supplies energy to the distribution grid. Before the first connection of Micro power source to the distribution grid is necessary condition makes synchronization of Generator to distribution grid.
After bringing the water to Turbine and voltage from distribution grid, is going to start and stabilization of Generator parameters. After that, can be the Generator phasing to distribution grid and Micro power source starting distribution of power. After switch off the distribution grids, the energy from Micro power source is going to the Resistant unit. This is prevent to switch off the excitation of generator and spin turbine to the nominate speed.
The Micro power source is waiting to restoring voltage from the distribution grid. After restoring the voltage is Micro power source automatically connecting to the distribution grid. Condition for this mode is external power source. It must be more then 3x bigger then Micro power source. This condition must be realized. If not, imminent danger going to substandard parameters to the distribution grid.